Aaron James and the Black Water is a singer songwriter from Snuneymuxw, on a little island; referred to colonialistically, as Vancouver Island. Starting his writing career at the age of 7 years old, James gravitated to the occupation very naturally, and like many songwriters he used it as a tool to understand himself, and the world; A therapy to overcome. His style has often been described as hard to define and a mix of many different genres. “Substream Neo-Soul Alternative-Blues/Indie Rock-pop” is what the artist himself describes his sound as… Currently the artist resides in Saigon, Vietnam, but can be found traveling all over performing for crowds large and small in dark smokey bars to the most well lit concert halls.


From An Endless Summer

I made a decision once... A decision I didn't tell a single soul about until it was brought to reality. I bought a plane ticket, sold everything I owned and [...]