Saigon Sessions: My Musical Journey and How You Can Join In

Hey everyone, So i’m working at getting this live stream off the ground with the best results possible… which let me tell you is proving to be troublesome… Anyway, my hope is that It will run kind of like a show! Though, there will be an option for you to donate to the efforts of the show, everyone is invited to watch without any upfront cost. If you would like to chip in some money via paypal, there will be a link on my website, which will be listed in the description of the live feed!

I’ll be doing all original works as there are some strict rules about not broadcasting other peoples works and Facebook takes it pretty seriously apparently… So, if you know some songs of mine that you love, shoot me a line and I’ll try to put it into rotation for you… though some of my much older material I won’t be able to do… so try and keep it within the last 5 years or so 😉

Technical difficulties, poor internet, power issues and time differences won’t stop me now! I’m looking forward to being in all your homes at once, and I hope you guys feel the same! Keep an eye on my Facebook page, to see the live videos and don’t forget to comment while we go so we can interact in-between songs!

Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures and hear how life as been for you guys as well!

Much love as always,